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August 3, 2010

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I wanted to share this article with you all about back pain and Acupuncture.  I think it lays it out nicely about how it works and what to expect as a patient.   Especially the expectation that one treatment won’t necessarily cure it.  I think as Acupuncturists we all fantasize about the magic wand treatment, where one is enough and they are all better.  Occasionally this is the case, but 90 percent of the time, not so much.  That doesn’t mean Acupuncture doesn’t work.  It means that it will take a bit of time to ease your body back to a pain free state.
A very important part of recovering from something like back pain is understanding how you got there in the first place.  How functionally healthy you were going into your injury almost always dictates how long it will take you to get out.  If you drive/commute to work in a seated position, sit at a desk for the majority of your day, sit on the way home, and then sit for an episode of whatever entertains you before you go to bed, only to repeat the next day… chances are your spine isn’t as healthy as it could be.  This is the kind of scenario where you hurt your back carrying heavy groceries in from the car, picking up your kid, or “sleeping wrong”.  In this case, more time is necessary to ease whatever spasm has been caused, and to help you to re-educate your body to have good strong core muscles.  Good strong core muscles help prevent further back pain, and can help reduce the likelihood of worse injury or dysfunction later in life. All my back pain patients get homework.  While I help realign your back with needles and manual therapy, you help strengthen the correction with exercises, stretching, and movement.  Meeting in the middle is where the healing happens.

Even in the EU, countries are talking about adding Acupuncture to their nationalized medicine because of its efficacy in the management of back pain.

Acupuncture definitely works for back pain.  It is however a group effort.  This group effort will get you better faster and strengthen your back against further and repeated injury.

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  1. Terrific blog Barbara. Insightful, inspiring, and full of life, just as I have always known you to be. Please keep sharing your thoughts as your insight and wisdom help to make the world a better place.
    Steven Siroky

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